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Proximo Server Interlude L2 Zaphyr Gamers II 15-06-2011!

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L2Zaphyr Gamers II Mid x70 Server Info

General Informacion :

* Full Interlude Server
* Rate : XP : 70x - Adena : 100x
* Fully Working Interlude Skills
* Fully Retail Like Skills
* Fully Working Clan System
* Debuff Bar Working.
* Skill Auto Learning
* No deleveling Bug
* Bugless Geodata
* DDOS Protection System
* Active Staff
* Fair Donations : Donations Only For AIO.
* Most Of The Teleport Spawn Are Safe
* Castle Benefits System

Quests :

* Class Changer, No Quest Need For 1st, 2nd And 3rd Class
* Sub Class Quest (Star OF Destiny In Misc Shop)
* Nobless Quest (Lunargent And Hellfire In Misc Shop)

Olympiad Informacion :

* Interlude Olympiad System
* Fights at 18:00 -4:30 GMT
* The Olympiad Period Is 2 Weeks
* You Need 9 Match And 1 Wins To Be Eligible To Hero

Vote Reward System :

* Every 5 Votes Give Reward To All Players Online.
* If a player is DualBox Not Recieved Reward.
* If a player is Offline Shop Not Recieved Reward.

Event TvT - CTF :

* TvT Every 4 Hours And 100 Event Medalls Reward
* CTF Is Time Random And Rewarding With 50 Medalls

Buffs Informacion :

* 20 Slots + 4 From Divine Inspiration (AutoLearn)
* 2 Hours Normal Buff
* 2 Hours Dances And song
* 2 Hours Prophecies, 2 Hours COV
* Cat & Unicorn Buff Retail

Farming Informacion :

A Grade Items Comprable Con Adena y Event Medal
S Grade Items Craft y Drop Por Raid Boss

Low-Mid Lvl: Antharas Lair, Drop Ancient Adena (Low Rate)
High LvL: Varka Silenos Drop Ancient Adena (high rate), Spoil Enchants A and S grade, Life Stone (Low Chance)
All Mosb Drop Event Medalls 1-2

Server Staff :

Administrador : GnaT
GameMaster : Gravedad

Pagina Web :

Forum :

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